Blocked Drains and Sewer Repairs in Inner West, Sydney

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Gurgling noises, foul smells or slow draining sinks and baths can all be tell-tale signs that you may have a partial blockage or a blocked drain in your home.

Blocked drains can occur inside or outside the home and, like most plumbing issues, always seem to strike at the most inconvenient times.

It may be something as minor as a bad smell or slow draining sink in the kitchen, bath or shower or it might be more severe like back-charging raw sewer coming from a toilet, floor waste or the outside pipework. If any of these things occur do not panic! Davy Plumbing is experienced in dealing with both minor and major blocked drain (and sewer) issues. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed in sewer identification, sewer diagnosis and sewer rectification.

What causes blocked drains and how can they be prevented?

Blocked drains inside of the home can be caused by simple things like excess hair, sanitary products or toilet paper (in the bathroom) or food scraps and fats (in the kitchen). Blocked drains can also be caused by more significant problems like tree roots, misaligned pipework or at its worst, collapsed drains.

Blocked drains outside of the house are generally caused by excess toilet paper, tree roots and misaligned pipes. Old clay work pipes tend to have rubber ring joints that get disjointed and allow tree roots to penetrate.

Collapsed drains can occur through deteriorating pipe work over time. Old urban wear or clay pipes (which are common to dwellings older than twenty years) are more prone to these issues and are common to the Sydney’s Inner West.

There are ways to prevent most blocked drains. In the kitchen we recommend using food grates to limit the amount of food scraps flowing into the drain. For bathroom pipes, limit brushing hair in the shower as hair blockages are a common cause of shower blockages.

For outside of the home, keep open sewer pipes like gullies (usually located outside of the kitchen or on the side of the property) free from dirt, leaves and debris. We highly recommend that you know where your boundary trap is for your property. The boundary trap is the heart of your sewer and its location is needed for any significant inspection or problem solving.

How to effectively repair blocked drains?

At Davy Plumbing we repair blocked drains in a variety of ways depending on the situation. Methods might include top of the line equipment like CCTV cameras, high-pressure water jetting or electric eel root cutting.

One of our recommended methods is to first identify the problem by clearing the blocked drain and then deploy high tech CCTV camera equipment inside of the sewer to inspect the internal condition of the pipe-work. Using this method Davy Plumbing can provide you with a detailed prognosis of the issue, the likelihood of recurrence and how to rectify the issue long-term to prevent further issues.

For instances where collapsed sewer or tree root penetration has occurred under a driveway or slab, there may be an option for pipe relining. This method works to reline the pipe-work from the inside. Our plumbers install a bladder into the sewer using a special resin that dries hard once in place. To do this the bladder is inflated in the sewer and then deflated leaving the resin shield perfectly applied inside of the pipe.

Recurring issues like tree roots are costly for any homeowner. At Davy Plumbing we work to identify long term solutions for our customers to prevent recurring burst pipes. Methods to permanently fix blocked drain problem areas include excavation and pipe work replacement. It might be the case for example that old clay work pipes (common to Sydney’s Inner West properties) could be replaced with PVC piping – saving significant time and money down the track.

Contact us now at Davy Plumbing to discuss your home and any issues you might be facing with blocked drains.