Gas Installations and Repairs in Inner West, Sydney

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Gas is an efficient and safe energy source for cooking and heating in your home. Gas leaks however are dangerous and can be harmful to you and your family. Because of this gas maintenance and repairs should always be done by an expert.

Davy Plumbing based out of Inner West, Sydney is trained and licensed to work with Natural Gas & LPG including upgrades, new installations and can also provide advice on the best gas appliances for your home and family needs.

Davy Plumbing can make sure your gas service is working efficiently and safely and can ensure your service is appropriately maintained.

We can assist you with:

  • Repairs and replacement of gas services
  • Gas appliance installations and repairs
  • Installation and repairs of gas hot water systems
  • Gas leak detection including digital manometer testing, bubble leak detection and high- quality scent detection
  • Installation and renovation of new gas points where required in the property
  • New LPG and natural gas installations

Benefits of Gas

People increasingly recognising the benefits of using gas around the home. Cooking with gas is fast and efficient and heating with gas heaters produces a cost-effective heating solution. Gas hot water systems are one of the most popular home gas uses producing steaming hot water affordably and consistently.

Davy Plumbing is a licensed gas fitting plumbing company and is equipped to test and repair all your home gas needs. We also provide free advice on the best gas appliances for your home.

What causes gas leaks?

Gas leaks are most commonly found in old galvanised pipe-work and caused by corrosion over long periods of time – typically seen in houses built over 20 years ago.

Because of this gas leaks from corroded pipes are extremely common in the Sydney Inner West and surrounding areas, and without the right equipment and experience are difficult to locate quickly and safely.

Gas leak investigation

If you smell gas in your home or have received a high gas bill, there could be a gas leak in your home. To identify the source of the leak Davy Plumbing will work to isolate the gas supply and test the flow in sections from the gas metre to the various appliances in your home. We also isolate and test each individual gas appliance separately.

Once the leak is found and isolated we will work to replace the faulty pipe work to ensure an air-tight and gas-tight connection.

Gas installations

If you are renovating, want to install gas or just want to move a gas point in your home Davy Plumbing can help. You may have an electric hot water system you want switched to gas, a new gas heater you want installed or perhaps you want to have a gas point fitted outside your home exclusively for your BBQ – for all of your gas needs, please give us a call.

Davy Plumbing can handle all your gas needs. For leaks, we are fitted with the correct gas equipment to test and confirm gas leaks in your home or office. If the leak is below ground or in a concealed space then our team will provide a free quote to repair and replace the gas pipework where required – and we can fix your gas leak 24 hours, 7 days a week. We can also handle your installation or renovation needs.