Toilet and Tap Repairs in Inner West, Sydney

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A leaky toilet or tap is one of the most common household plumbing problems and the main source of DIY plumbing attempts gone wrong.

At Davy Plumbing we use experience and training to diagnose leaking toilet and tap problems and recommend the most effective solution to get your home running smoothly again.

Leaking Taps (washer variety)

Leaking taps are one of the most common household plumbing issues and can be an expensive source of water wastage. Leaking taps are generally caused by worn out washers, O rings or finely and more seriously cracked seating.

Worn-out washers sound simple but can be problematic. Repairing a washer with the wrong size replacement will not fix the issue and can make it worse by causing the tap to re-drip after a short amount of time.

Worn out O rings involve removing the spindal and replacing the ring to a specific size and then re-greasing and reinstalling the spindal. Wrongly repaired taps with no attention to the O ring can cause leaking from the stem which has been known to cause flooding in properties.

Cracked seating is common and can be a frustrating as the primary source of the issue. Incorrectly diagnosed leaking taps can be fixed with new washers and O rings but if the source of the problem is in the structure the leaking will persevere.

Repair of cracked seating must be done by a licensed plumber as done incorrectly can cause major and costly problems to the repairs of your taps. Treatment involves grinding of the seating, which done too little or worse, too much there is no choice but to replace the pipe-work behind the wall which involves excavation and retiling.

Leaking taps (mixers)

Leaking mixer taps are common in newly renovated properties mainly in kitchens, showers and baths. A mixer tap consists of one lever controlling hot or cold water to a tap faucet. The inner mechanism of the mixer is governed by a cartridge and in the case of a leaking mixer, nine out of ten times, the problem can be fixed by replacing the original cartridge with a matching or generic cartridge.

Leaking mixers can also be caused by cartridges breaking down over time (ageing) depending on usage, quality of the product or debris being caught in the cartridge of the mixer.

Leaking toilets

There are three components to a toilet which can leak.

The first and most expensive cause of a leaking toilet is a faulty outlet valve. Faulty outlet valves generally are caused by warping over time, plastic parts becoming frail or cheap installations. Unfortunately in this case there is no choice but to replace these valves and this can be expensive.

The second cause of leaking toilets is the inlet valve. Inlet valves govern the water level in the cistern by turning the water off at a certain level. When you hear the constant filling of a cistern or water running into the bowl, this can be a primary indicator that you have a problem with your inlet valve. Inlet valves nowadays have low amounts of moving parts and enhance the longevity of your system, once replaced.

The third cause of leaking toilets is the outlet washer. Outlet washers are the most common cause of water running into a toilet bowl. This is caused by the rubber washer wearing out over time and disintegrating. Outlet washers are easy to fix and are most commonly replaced together with the inlet valve.

It should be said that flush cone rubbers and seals can also perish over time and generally involve a simple replacement although if overlooked can cause serious flooding to your property.

Leaking taps and toilets are common around the home and easy to get wrong for the inexperienced or untrained. Attempting them yourself may seem like an efficient solution, but often results in more complicated issues and multiple plumber call outs.

If you have a leaking tap or toilet issue call Davy Plumbing today.